Blood Sample Collection

The collection of a blood sample is required for this test. There are 3 options for completing this collection:

  1. A healthcare partner contracted with Ascendant Health. This option is included with the purchase price.
  2. Your personal healthcare provider. You are responsible for coordinating the sample collection if you decide this is the option you choose to pursue.
  3. Mobile medical technician to perform the collection at home or work. An additional fee will apply for this option.

Specimen Collection Partner

To locate a location to have your sample collected, simply input your zip code to find available sites for your collection then call for an appointment. The staff at the collection site will send the sample to our lab.

Personal Healthcare Provider

You have the option of having your personal healthcare provider drawing your blood sample if they provide this service at their office. Instructions are included in the kit for your provider to ship your specimen to our lab.

Mobile Screening

We offer the optional sample collection at your home or work. A trained and credentialed medical technician will collect your sample and send it to our lab.

How do we fight CRC? Early Detection.

Colorectal Cancer screening is effective, but only if it is completed!


Screening can decrease deaths from Colorectal Cancer by early detection. CRC diagnosis remains high due to individuals failing to be screened in a timely manner.

This vital screening is typically delayed because of the inconvenience of the following screening methods:

Stool-based test

Uses a stool sample; most are uncomfortable with handling stool and mailing the sample. Very inconvenient. Not accurate (many false positives); ineffective for colon cancer screening.



The gold standard for screening, but there are challenges for some – fear of invasive procedure, bowel preparation, and the high cost of the procedure to mention a few.

ColoScapeTM is a simple blood test that detects genetic mutations most commonly associated with colorectal cancer.

  • Detects precancerous polyps or adenomas before they develop into cancer.
  • Early detection enables early intervention, treatment and a better prognosis.

ColoScape™ eliminates screening barriers!

> Safe and easy

> No need for fasting; no dietary restrictions before the test

> No bowel prep; no sedation

> Easy and convenient to your schedule

> Fast Turn-Around-Time (4-7 days from specimen receipt @ lab)

ColoScapeTM Highly Sensitive and Highly Accurate Blood Test for CRC



Colorectal Cancer  93%  93% to 100%
Precancerous Adenomas 62.5% 95.2%

ColoScapeTM is the most sensitive and accurate blood test on the market and it is now available to you directly from Ascendant Health!

  • Highly Sensitive, Highly Accurate blood test
  • Liquid Biopsy Detects 61 Genetic Mutations & 7 Methylation Markers associated with CRC

ColoscapeTM  Colorectal Cancer Test



Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection  93%  93% to 100%
Precancerous Adenomas 62% 95.2%


Uses novel XNA technology that detects high level of sensitivity and specificity for precancerous lesions before they progress into CRC. Xenonucleic acids are innovative new nucleic acid molecular oligomers that hybridize with target DNA sequences and can be employed as molecular clamps in quantitative real-time polymerase chain reactions (qPCR). The XNA tightly bind to the wild-type sequence but loosely to the mutant sequences, thereby allowing mutant sequences to be amplified in a PCR reaction while blocking wild-type sequence amplification with utmost precision. Click Here To Learn More

DiaCarta Clinical Laboratories holds its certificate under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing and has developed the ColoScapeTM test.

This test has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA.

  • This test is not a replacement for a colonoscopy. This is intended as a complementary test to the recommended screening method(s).
  • Patients who receive results stating “Detected” will be directed to a genetic counsellor who will explain the clinical significance of the result. Patients are still advised to seek the guidance of a healthcare provider for further evaluation.
  • Patients with “Not Detected” results should continue to follow the recommended guidelines for colorectal screening.

Getting your ColoScape test completed is easy!

Step 1. Click any ‘Order Test Kit’ button on the website and ‘Add to Cart’.

1.a. Add ‘Mobile Collection’ (if so desired).

Step 2. Sample collection options below. 

Step 3. When your test kit arrives, return to our website to register the kit code to access your results when they are ready. You will be notified by email when your test result is available.

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